Monday, November 29, 2010

Catering and Party Throwing for Poor People

For my surprise birthday party, I bought myself Amy Sedaris' Simple Times, Crafting for Poor People. It was an incredibly thoughtful present from me.

Her newest book is crammed with good ideas for us all. Here are some of my favorites:

Dropout Crab Claw Roach Clip, in the Nature's Way chapter
Rusty Nail Wind Chime, in the Bipolar Disorder section of the Handicraftable chapter
Glitter Halo, in the Crafting for Jesus chapter

I've been inspired to create a new sideline for myself:  Introducing ...

Catering and Party Throwing for Poor People

Here's a sample menu from the Trailer Park Memorial Service that I'm planning for Ain't Diane this December:

Ketchup Packet Tomato Soup

Backyard Greens Salad

Vegan Swiss Meatballs
(Wonderbread balls in vegetarian gravy)

Top Ramen Explosion
(Special blend of Pork, Chicken, and Shrimp flavor packets)

Dessert is up in the air.  That's not a creation name, I'm telling you that I haven't been inspired yet.  I'll have something to you soon. 

Until then, please note that I have joined Amazon Associates.  This is a special tool that is now included on Bloggerqueen so that I can become rich (and famous).  If you decide to buy any products from Amazon. Enter from here and I make a LITTLE cash.  Don't worry, I'll keep reminding you, as I have many suggestions to make you a little more wicked and a lot more sarcastic!


  1. I like it: We have been throwing around an idea for a "White Trash" potluck for a long time. Ambrosia salad, Mac & Cheese with cut up hot dogs, a queso fountain, pimento loaf & Velveeta sandwiches on wonder bread, ramen. And Twinkies for dessert. It would be an orgy of transfats and sodium!

    PS: Wonder bread is not strictly vegan, as it contains sodium stearoyl lactylate and mono- and di-glycerides, which I can almost guarantee are of the animal variety, not the plant variety.

  2. for about Oreo pops. Simply place Oreo cookies on a tooth pick and's an Oreo pop!

  3. Well,fr me when it comes on a dessert it will be better the sweet one. Keep posting! :)



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