Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucky the Turtle

There's something about naming your pet "Lucky" that invites irony. This pet turtle lost his legs in a UFC fight with a raccoon but he didn't let that slow him down. His owners forked out $900 to to amputate his front legs and glue on these furniture sliders. Here's the whole story that I know you need to know about.

If I lost my legs in a fight with a raccoon, I'd like to have them replaced with one or two of the following prosthetics:
a) Giant springs
b) A replica of Cheryl Crow's legs
c) Machine guns (a la Planet Terror)

Now in my extensive research (i.e., Google) I've found a blog entirely devoted to animals in casts. Just for the record, I also love to watch people fall. Even old people. I'm wicked.


  1. Now THAT is heartwarming.

    When I was little we had a turtle named Houdini Turtlini. He eventually escaped for good. We also had another turtle that liked to hang out in his water bowl. After he died we found out he was actually a water turtle. Oops.

  2. In Arizona there are signs for lost turtles instead of lost cats or dogs.

  3. Petunia - Nice. Real nice.
    Summer - Wow to you too.
    Anonymous - Maybe they dogs and cats are eating them.
    Akilah - cute, huh?

    Did you guys check out the Google Ads during this post. Hilarious!

  4. Watching people fall warms my heart, especially if it's some douchebag that injures his testicles in the fall...


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