Thursday, June 4, 2009

Inside the Restaurant Review

I'm happily married. What a drag, because I'd just love to do that thing? I don't want to date anyone or meet anyone or certainly not cheat on my husband. I only want to know who or what they'd fix me up with. Would know me better than I know myself? Would it be an engineer who loves to polka? A UFC fight trainer with a Hummer? An anti-war activist in tan corduroys and patchouli oil?

It think Internet dating would be comparable to when I'm clothes shopping with a friend and she picks something out for me. Proudly holding it up above the racks and shouting from across the store "Sharon! This is perfect for you!" and one of two things happen: 1) I'm flattered that she thinks I'd look great in something from Juniors; or 2) I realize my friend knows absolutely nothing about me and should be fired or given away to an old lady because that's who she's good at shopping for.

When I did my restaurant review this morning for I was completely uninspired and didn't feel like doing anything. My first thought was to just post a picture and write "You figure it out!" It's harder than I thought to pull creativity out of my ass on a blank day. But that, my dear, is precisely why I do it. Training.

I like this review. I hope you do too. It made me chuckle.


  1. I'm not against sharing, but something that big, juicy and tasty I'd want to devour all by myself! heh heh, mmmmmmmmm

  2. Jeez, they'd hook me up with a book and a bottle of booze while shouting "No humans for you!"

  3. DBWASC: I'm not good at sharing. Anything.

    Akilah: I'm sure they'd hook you up with someone interesting and thoughful. Of course, he probably would be unemployed. But you can't have everything, right?

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