Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Godzilla v. Mothra

I am the best mom ever. I've introduced my 8-year old daughter to the world of giant monsters. This is a little girl that cannot even watch commercials for movies where people die, but monsters, well that's an entirely different thing.

She first watched Godzilla v. Mothra with me on Mothers' Day. I also rented Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. If you've ever seen a Godzilla film in your life, you'll remember this one because of the identical tiny twin Japanese ladies that are carried around in a box. When the box is opened the little tiny twins sing to summon Mothra who will protect Tokyo from Godzilla. Epic.

The day after we watched these movies, she transfixed herself with King King. It was the '70s version with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. The giant mechanical gorilla head was later used in the Universal Tour in Hollywood. Did you see that one?

When I was little I watched Creature Features every Saturday night. It was a locally produced show with host Bob Wilkens. He was my favorite kind of funny, the dry kind. He sat in a yellow rocking chair in a funky cheap horror set while smoking a thick cigar. Here's a quote ...

"Weird Women. This is a story about witchcraft, the occult, mysticism, price fixing and tire rotation. I think you'll like it."

It was Mr. Wilkens that introduced me to the great Vincent Price in The Tingler. As you'll see, the movie starts with a serious warning that you'll be given special protective equipment in order to safely watch the movie so that you don't become ... infected. To my dispair, I was stuck in my little bedroom watching my black and white television and therefore had no equipment to shield me from The Tingler except the blanket resting on my nose and under my eyes for quick hiding.

Another Vincent Price classic was The House of Wax. It was about a disfigured crazy man who used dead bodies inside his wax sculptures. This movie made it almost impossible to walk through the San Francisco Wax Museum because I'd look at those deep glass eyes and wonder if at least one of them wasn't made out of a real person, especially Marie Antoinette. Creepy.

I've already wrecked my son who, at the age of 23, is still afraid of zombies thanks to The Night of the Living Dead, my all time most frightening movie. That's the movie that made it impossible for me and my son to walk up the driveway in the dark because we knew there was something following us. Close on our heels. Any moment ... Aaahhghg "We're coming to get you, Sharon"!

We're not afraid of silly things like robberies, rapists, and earthquakes. It's the Blair Witch and the Zombies that will finally be the end of us. Of course the dark powers will make it look like an accident, but don't believe it.

Like I said, I'm the world's greatest mom.


  1. Speaking of monsters, I watched "Cloverfield" with my kids 2 days ago. They wanted to see it and I just made sure to make them watch the "Making of" features on the DVD just in case they decided to wake me 12 times during the night. They weren't afraid at all, but just in case.

    I remember those little ladies! What a flashback. I like scary zombie flicks, but I hate horrors that involve religious-like stuff such as "The Exorcist." That movie scared the hell out of me and I refuse to EVER watch it again.

  2. I LOVED watching Creature Features! I haven't thought about that show in years!


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