Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cesar Chavez Public Library, Arizona

On March 31st I went to the library. I got a front row parking place! I hoisted my laptop mobile blogging office onto my shoulder and forged ahead. "I'm going to finish up my restaurant review" I tell my daughter.

Surprise! It's Cesar Chavez Day!! What does that mean for you and me? Well, it means that you can shake the doors to the library again and again, bang on them, and make faces into the dark building all you want and they will not open. Why? Because they're closed.

Now I don't know Cesar, mostly because he's dead, but also because I'm not a migrant farm worker being exploited by profit hungry landowners. But, and I'm just using my imagination here, I don't think he would want our public libraries closed. I would think he would be a literacy advocate, right? But the banks were open and the post office still delivered my bills.

Dear Arnold,

Please re-open the libraries so I can blog, I mean read library books about Latino heroes and California history. In return for the gigantic expense of operating a library for a whole day, please feel free to close the post office who only delivers bills, irrelevant catalogs for clothing I don't need, and nasty notes on my car that say "we won't deliver mail unless you move your car away from the mailbox." As a side note, can't we have mail carriers who can get out of a vehicle?

Cesar Chavez day should also be a holiday for the banks so we can have an extra day to make our bad checks into good checks. Seriously, isn't that what Cesar would have wanted?

Thank you,
Sharon the Queen Blogger


  1. Boo on closing the library. I'm with you shut the post office and banks. Cesar would have wanted this way. I just know it.

  2. The hell?

    How did a library close while post offices and banks stayed open? I see it's named after him, but still. You sure the staff didn't have a concert or kegger to attend or something?

  3. I used to work at UC Berkeley and Cesar Chavez Day was a paid holiday. It was great, but no one else understood. I never compained, though!

  4. Summer - I'd be so happy if they'd just deliver my mail once a week! Who needs the hassle?

    Akilah - These librarians around here would be more likely to attend gardening with dog park manure than a kegger.

    Tiffany - Now they probably were having a kegger.

  5. LOL! You sure about that? It's always the quiet, reserved ones who have all the leather and whips in the closet...


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