Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Self-Portrait of a Blogger Queen

Its just so hard, you don't even know, to find a picture of myself that matches my writing. My friend Alison says "you need an edgy picture." Oh sure, let me just dust off my dusty box of edgy pictures and find one that says just the right thing.

I want my picture to say:

I'm youthful, but proud of my age, so I'm not trying to look younger or anything. Just hip ... do they say "hip" anymore?

I'm really edgy and dangerous, but don't be afraid to pass this blog along to your sister-in-law.

I'm sexy, but don't get all freaky and make any nasty comments or I'll have to block your ass.

I'm so far ahead of the trend, but at the same time you can completely relate to me.

I have none of those pictures of me, nor can I imagine how I can get one. So I searched the internet and found some pictures that I feel describe the many factors involved with being the Blogger Queen.


  1. The Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons is my hero!

  2. Seriously, I wish she lived next door to me. She's like built-in security! Forget those monthly ADT bills. Crazy Cat Lady "rubs off" on the immediate property to her left and right. No one would dare test her cat flinging skills lest they desire to lose an eye.

  3. I actually love the picture of you -- you look really nice and beautiful and un-intimidating which is how you are in real life! Thank goodness you don't look like those other people!

  4. I like your pic the best. But I am a fan of the Crazy Cat Lady.

  5. Alison - I was going for mean, ugly and intimidating ... oh well, I'll have to use one of my wedding photos.

    Summer - Yes, apparently the Crazy Cat Lady has a little fan club here.

  6. I love the picture of you becuase onteh surface it says, "Hello, I am so un-assuming and nice" but underneath that little smile and head cocked look, it says,"Take the fucking picture OK????!!!!"
    The Crazy Cat Lady has nothing on you. Especially when you are on a 'get out of my neighborhood youi scum bag' mission.

  7. I identifymost with the scary teeth cocked hat gal, what does that mean? The tanning booth hair dryer wig lady scares me (Rick James' girlfriend?), the crazy cat lady WILL be me in a decade or so, and the drunken lipstick pink cellophane bunny ear guy is the reason I still haven't tried Ecstasy. Great, now we have to add great miner of internet photos to your skill set, as though I weren't jealous enough of your prowess already!

  8. Sharon???did yoiu make up a new screen name and post a comment??

  9. David Brenner with a Sex Change - If that bunny picture is the only reason you haven't tried ecstasy, maybe you should just shave off your eyebrows and doodle with a sharpie on your face now.

    Gina - no. But I do know her and love her.


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