Friday, January 9, 2009

What an Innocent Angel

Look at him. Isn't he pretty? That's my 22-year old, Sean. Children are always lovely when they're sleeping, even when their adults. Awe, an angelic sight.

Last night he called. It seems that his girlfriend who works in a very high end spa had invited some friends from work over to their apartment. I'm sure she was really excited about getting to know some new people. Alaska in the winter is brutal unless you're addicted to frozen dinners and QVC. Her new girlfriends brought their significant others. I'm so happy that she's making friends in their new town.

Someone suggested watching a movie so Marlee (Sean's girlfriend) flipped on the tele and guess what popped up on the screen? One hardcore porno right it mid action (they usually are stopped in a very critical point). He reported to me, without any detail, that it was a super raunchy film and at just the worst part. Everyone sat their with their mouths hanging open while his girlfriend frantically tried to eject the humiliation.

Atta boy, son. You make your mother proud.


  1. So nice that he shares that touching story with his mama! what a good boy. Makes me a little weepy!

  2. Oh the horror! After the initial "blinding" of the guests, surely they all had a huge laugh. I know I would have...and then I'd ask to borrow the tape.

  3. Okay. That's funny.

    A similar incident happened to me when I was 18 years old; however seated in the living room audience was my boyfriend's grandma, mom, and dad. Wow. I don't think I've ever topped that humiliation. haha. It's great to know I'm not alone! I agree with Gina that it's great he can share stories like that with his mama.

  4. GINA - Someday your son will too.

    Ahh-Killa - Some laughed, but one buy pretended he'd never seen a porno before. Yah, right.

    SUMMER - At a family reunion, I had a stack of photos that I handed to my aunt and mom. Unfortunately, there were naked pictures of my (then) husband. You know, my Aunt always loved him after that and was really sad when we divorced. Come to think of it, the family reunion might make a good post someday.


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