Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Have you ever walked up to a person to say ‘hi’ and then realized that they were probably trying to avoid making eye contact with you? I think that just happened. I was standing in line for a cup of coffee, then I made my way over the milk and sugar island, at last I found a table in the corner, next to the window. On my way to the coveted table, I passed a mom that I just met. We had a few things in common like motherhood and sports. But that’s where it ended. She is definitely not like me. Cool and stuff like that. I stopped on my way to the table and stood behind her for a minute. Nothing. Then I tapped her shoulder and said, with a big stupid grin “Hi, remember me?” She was slumped over with her head in a group of people, having a conversation with people who wore glasses. In other words, they look much smarter than me.

As she turned around, she did not have a look of surprise, it was more like a look of embarrassment, like I just caught her smelling her armpits. She said “Oh, I thought I …. Yah, that that was you”.

Alright, I’m not a striking beauty or an ogre. I’m pretty much vanilla pudding in a white cup. Boring, but probably pretty easy to recognize if you just met me YESTERDAY and had a 30 minute conversation with me. That’s when I realized that she had been hiding from me, I think. It really looked that way anyway. I’ve done it lots of times before. Where I’ve spotted someone I just didn’t want to spend one minute conversing with for whatever reason. Be it hatred or just have an in-my-cave day.

In addition to that look of discomfort on her face, I also noticed that her friends were not introduced to me. Her part of the greeting was quick and dismissive and I felt an overwhelming need to retreat, like I had just come up on the cool kids and realized that I had toilet paper on my shoe.

So I bid farewell and planted myself at the little window table with me and my friend, the laptop. I’m blogging, writing, brainstorming, and basically looking like every other wannabe writer in the place. It’s humiliating, really.

However, if I was to call my best friend Kathy and tell her all about it, she would say “The only thing you’re guilty of is being friendly”. Guilty, as charged.


  1. From your description, it sorta sounds like she was avoiding you. Why? You seem cool and approachable, not the type I'd ever hide from.

    Too bad the lid to your coffee was on tight and none "accidently" spilled on her shirt. (I'm kidding people! I don't condone putting coffee stains on people's shirts...) Her loss!

  2. True. I would have said just that (and that she's not worth knowing anyway.)

  3. That really sucks! Sorry, don't have any words of advice, but just wanted to let you know that was crappy of her, and you didn't deserve to be brushed off that way. :-(

  4. Akilah - Maybe I'm just too cool.

    Kathy - Nailed it.

    Angela - Welcome to Blogger Queen! Thank you for visiting and commenting. Don't worry, it didn't really hurt my feelings. I just felt like a dork.

    On the up-side of being rejected, I sat down at my table by the window and wrote the beginning of my very first fiction short story. The star of the story is, of course, a dork.

  5. who wouldn't love you!!! what a bitch, and certainly not worth your time!!!!!!!!!!!! lov ya wendy

  6. ok, well she was obviously intimidated by your charm, sense of style, confidence, and over all beauty (at least, this is my mantra when it happens to me. i tell myself that or i just ask for an arm wrestling match...flip of the coin on how feisty i am feeling that day)
    screw her...yoiu have enough friends and don't need to work hard to have that bitch as another.

  7. Wendy - Thanks for the lov'n!

    Gina - I need you on my arm wrestling team.

  8. Whoa. I hate when that happens. Which I think it's happened to everyone at some point.

    Oh, and you are not even close to being vanilla pudding in a white cup. I think you're one of the greatest, so fuck what she thinks!!

  9. hhmmmmmm .... I think Mrs. Crotchity may have been embarressed because she was doing something illegal. (prolly selling crack)

    Ha haaaaaaa !!!

    Some people are just that way. I like the accidental coffee spill technique myself too :-)

    Hello from SpeedyCat, I have seen your comments on other blogs, and loved your "title", so I dropped in.

  10. Speed -- No, she's too chunky to be a tweaker.
    Thank your for dropping in and for commenting.

  11. You ARE funny! ... going to add you to my blog roll - and gravy boat.

    Cheers, Speedy


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