Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why Women Hate Men

You'll never guess what I picked up for you on New Years Eve .... a MAN.

He's hilarious and he makes me cry/laugh. You must visit him at his blog, but also read his car advertisement on his companion blog. But then, when you're done, come back to me! Where's your solidarity?


  1. I'm a gay man and every once in a while I feel sorry for my hetero brothers. We gay men support and validate each other and it must really suck to live in a world where the only message you get is, "all men are pigs". There don't seem to be any women anywhere who actually like men. My friends all wonder why aren't all guys gay.

  2. Dear Mr. Gay Man,

    I must agree with you. I don't know why all guys aren't gay either. Gay men dress well, they'r interesting and funny, and I'm sure they're having a lot more sex than the breaders. Perhaps its our fabulous tits? You have to admit they really are beautiful.

    But before you leave mean messages for me, you should do your homework.

    1. I do not bash men. I love men. Take a look through my postings and show me where I've put down men.

    2. "Why Women Hate Men" is the title of a blog, not my opinion. Oh, and guess what? It was written BY A MAN!!!!!

    3. If you check out "Why Women Hate Men" blog, you'll see that David Sedaris reads his blog and loves his writing. Isn't he like a God to the Gays?

    So you see, there's only on Queen on this blog and its me. So get a pair of tweezers and pull your panties out of your tight ass. Jesus Christ. I love men.

  3. You sure took that personally even though my comment was completely directed at that blog. Maybe I hit bone?
    As for me, I don't dress that well and I'm somewhat boring although I am a little funny, on a good day. It's likely I did have more sex than most back in my day but I've slowed down considerably. And yeah, most boobies are pretty except some of those you see in porn that look a little like the breast equivalent of clown shoes.
    My whole point, however was the overwhelming number of messages in society (not you specifically) that all men are these crude, illiterate, uncultured apes who really shouldn't be allowed in the house.
    I dare you to find a blog (not written by a gay man) that talks about how great men are in the same way the "Why Woman Hate Men" talks about what pigs men are.
    Lastly, if I pull my panties out of my ass, can I still be a queen with a lowercase 'q'?

  4. Me? A Bone? Yes, probably. I try to be careful not to harm anyone with my writing. Sort of a motto, I guess. So, I didn't think I was jumping on the man-bashing wagon. If I was, I apologize.

    I remember when my son was little and my girlfriends would say things like "men are pigs" etc., and I got really pissed, saying "Hey, my son is a future man!" I know most of the tv sitcoms have stupid husbands and overbearing wives. Its all so redundant and ignorant.

    Like I said, I love men, especially gay men. Thank you for writing back and since you agreed to pull your panties out of your ass, I will let you be a princess ... but that's as far as I can go.

  5. i think i smell a blogmance between the Queen and the queen. I love all men, LOVE them. And even appreciate the pigs. Makes me feel pretty sometimes, other times like I need a shower. Oh, well. Take the good with the bad.
    By the way, Lower Case queen, you are very funny. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you two queens have an acutal real life conversation. I would probably laugh MY panties off.
    You can sign me off as the princess, because there are already enough queens on this site, and the queen has too much responsibility anyway. I have that in my real life. I prefer princess here.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    I think I shall call you Panty Princess.

  7. that is the nicest thing you have called me so far!

  8. Stop bickering you queens!

    Anonymous, I don't hate men, after all I AM one.

    But I will stand up for myself in that I think MOST men are great guys and have just as many problems with relationships with women as I do. And I have a LOT. If you spent time reading my blog, you'd realize one of the subjects I bash the most and the harshest is myself, and I deserve it. Oh, the mistakes I have made.

    WWHM spends 75% of the time bashing guys who think women are just stupid mindless pawns and/ or objects for their own personal sexual enjoyment. They show a complete lack of respect for women, and my job is to call them out on it, and I do with a vengeance. Because those guys, whether you like it or not, reflect on me as a man. Their behavior reflects on men in general.

    But do I think all men are pigs? Absolutely not. But the ones that ARE pigs fully deserve to get called out on their own bullshit, and I simply invite my readers to join me in doing so.

    And yes, other times, I make commentary on the clueless, but they are never identified, and I have yet to have anyone write to me to remove their ad, which I clearly state I will do.

    I make fun of human nature and sexuality- and I can live with that. I take in more abuse than I put out, believe me.

    I have hundreds of gay male readers who love WWHM, two of whom have asked me if they could run an offshoot blog doing the same thing.

    But I certainly respect your opinion as I do everyone's.

    Watch out for Queenblogger- she'll be going places.

    Mike- WWHM

  9. LCq - I want total credit for creating your screen name! I was anonymous then, because I am stupid and forgot MY screen name, but now I want the credit.


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