Monday, December 1, 2008

Jesus was Not Even a Capricorn!

I wrote this poem just for you. Merry Christmas!

Jesus Was Not Even a Capricorn!

Clawing out of Thanksgiving Fog
Stumbling into the Christmas Blizzard
Writing the cards that nobody reads
Forgetting to mail them, again.

‘Tis the obligatory merry-ish season
Deck the halls with remorse and debt
Hark the angel's fall from treetop
Tra la la la la, I wish I were a Jew

Oh Holy Shit
I forgot to invite my mother-in-law
Oh Holy Night
I'm out of her Will, again.

Written by Sharon the BloggerQueen
copyright 2008


  1. funny, funny, funny!!! I had so many to catch up on, but I think this may be my favorite. Do you also do Haikus?

  2. Thank you for catching up on my posts. I'll have to try a Haiku. What should the topic be?


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