Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10 Questions for Real Friends

You know those "get to know you" emails? There's a list of questions to answer about yourself and then you send it back to the sender and all your friends. I need to know who writes these questions and what are they trying to get at? For example, whether a person prefers spicy, cheesy or plain hamburgers is of no interest to me at all.

Here are questions from the BloggerQueen for you to answer and pass around. They are so much more interesting. Please feel free to cut and paste this into an email and pass it around. You should also write your answers in my comments for the blog. Come on, I dare you ...

10 Questions for Real Friends

1. Would you ever get plastic surgery? If so, what?
2. Who would you kill if you got a Get out of Trouble Free, card?
3. Did you ever make yourself throw-up just so that you can fit more in?
4. One Night Stands ... good or bad?
5. What's in your underwear drawer besides underwear?
6. Did you ever damage a car without leaving a note?
7. If you had to give someone a blow-job, who would it be:
Michael Jackson or Dick Cheney?
8. What's your favorite color (no, just kidding. Who gives shit?)
9. What have you lied about to impress people?
10. Ever went streaking? Tell me all about it.


  1. wow!!! do I want people to know these things???

  2. 1. yes, boobs reduced!!!
    2. HELL yeah!!! I have an ongoing list!
    3. No, I detest vomitting - even to make room for food.
    4. Depends on what he looked like or how good the sex was! If I had to choose - good.
    5. Gun and diapers
    6. Yes
    7. MJ - he most likely tastes like candy!
    8. Funny....
    9. see answer to question #10
    10. I streaked through the hallways when I was a Jr. in HS - mind you I went to the "good, Catholic" girls school.

  3. Dear "Good Catholic Girl"

    I wish I knew who you were! Although I think "Guns and diapers" in your underwear drawer should probably make me nervous about you, I'm actually intrigued

  4. Dear BQ,
    Can you guess who I am?
    1.Yes, Yes, and YES. Boobs (done), and pretty much anything else that can get rid of my gut so that these new cans don't rest on it.
    2. Not telling incase I get that hall pass. I have a plan...
    3. Not to make more room, just to alleviate the pain from gorging myself silly
    4. big fan in the good old days:)
    5. batteries for the appliances in the bra drawer. since # 1, no room for appliances and extra batteries in with the bras
    6. no, that would just be wrong. just kidding.
    7. Michael Jackson - maybe I can get a little Jesus juice out of it, and he seems less liekly to really want a blow job from me, and may just call it quits befor eth egrand finale. As opposed to Mr. Cheney who seems more likely to want to savor the moment. sorry, i just threw up a little bit.
    8. I know you secretly want the answer so I will tell you ..... RED
    9. Used to be my bra size. Not any more.
    10. Not me. Serious body image issue. Besides I would look like a waterbed if I tried to run naked. There would be so much movement I might get seasick!

  5. 1) Man, if I had the money, I would git me a tummy tuck!

    2) I couldn't do it! Even if I had a free pass (my guilty conscious would haunt me forever)

    3) Just look at me, does it look like I throw up?

    4) Not good, they're GREAT!

    5) Socks and and a 12 year old "I'm Sorry For Being a Dick" letter from my husband. Don't ask why it's there...easy access perhaps?

    6) No, never hit a car ever --- but my answer is maybe?

    7) Michael Jackson. I bet he didn't go as far as making his dick white. Dick Cheney? EWWWW old, wrinkly and yuck -- like blowing your grandpa! Couldn't do it.

    8) Purple -- someone may care

    9) Who hasn't?

    10) Yes -- It was my friend's bachelorette party. She had us girls go camping in Big Sur. Since we had been drinking around the campfire, we thought it would be fun to streak around the pitch black campground. There we were, 24 year old naked bodies with tennis shoes on. All was well until the guys with the flashlights followed the giggling and found us. We took off running, all the way into a 5 foot ditch. 7 or so naked girls piled on top of each other. What a surreal feeling to fall and not know how far the fall would be. It felt like 100 feet. In the end the bride to be ended up with a nasty road rash on her shoulder and other parts of her body. The scabs looked lovely in her stapless wedding gown (she was the only one injured).

  6. Dear Big Cans,
    Yes -- I know who you are because you just couldn't keep it a secret, could you!

    Dear Reppster,
    I want you to tell me that Big Sur Streaking story again and again and again!

  7. 1. Yes, I think... boobs and eyes
    2. Don't think I could kill, but would seriously like to kick some ass without consequences.
    3. Have only thrown up to get some out.
    4. Single, they are fine. Married, not good.
    5. Nothing (that would be too obvious)
    6. Yes
    7. I'm gagging at just the thought of either. I'm thinking they are probably both small and gross. I'd have to use my get out of jail free pass and kill them if it was mandatory.
    8. lipstick red
    9. Yes
    10. No - sorry, my thighs...


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