Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Falling Models

Is there anything funnier than someone falling? I was on my cellphone this morning talking to Nelly. I was running wild like a rabid wolf and not using my Bluetooth, like I said before, I'm real dangerous.

We were chatting about the triathlon when I see, right in front of me, a woman stumble and almost biff. It was made more entertaining by her holding a coffee in one hand and her purse in another. She was also wearing a dress and a pair of heals that she has not been practicing in. That makes it even funnier because her arms flail out and her little legs start to crumble underneith her. Hah!!!

If you think that's mean? Listen to this, I even laugh when old people fall! I can't help it. I really do love old people and I don't want them to get hurt, but its just how helpless they look that makes it so funny to me. See, now I'm even more dispicible.

When my friend Kathy falls in a parking lot or somewhere public, she pops right up and strikes a pose and then takes a dramatic bow, as if it were all a prerehersed slapstick show for the royal family. She does this even if she's totally alone. Isn't she awesome?


  1. I just love your blogs! I find myself checking it just as I do my email each morning and being disappointed if there is not something good to read.But ahhhh, when there is something it is well worth the wait. Thanks for sharing and bringing a bit of joy into my otherwise hum drum life, lol!!! Can't wait for the next entry!!!


  2. Sharon you are hilarious! I know I can't help but laugh out loud when I see someone trip or fall. I know, terrible! My personal favorite is the old 4 inch heels on wet grass. Love it! As long as it's not me.(Although, I'm sure that there have been many a chuckle behind car doors when I thought no one was looking.
    Keep it up Sharon. Your awesome!


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